SG Tourist Pass
1. What is the SG Tourist Pass?
2. How does the SG Tourist Pass look like?
3. How much is the SG Tourist Pass?
4. Are there any package deals for families buying the SG Tourist Pass?
5. Are there any concessionary rates for children and senior citizens?
6. How much can I save by using the SG Tourist Pass?
7. What are the differences between the SG Tourist Pass and Singapore Tourist Pass?
8. Who is eligible to purchase the SG Tourist Pass? How do I purchase a SG Tourist Pass?
9. What is the validity period of the SG Tourist Pass?
10. Is there any value in the SG Tourist Pass upon purchase?
11. My SG Tourist Pass is still valid when I topped up value to the ez-link purse of the card. How can I ensure that monies are not being deducted from the ez-link purse instead of my SG Tourist Pass for my travel?
12. What happens when my SG Tourist Pass expire?
13. What will happen when I tap an expired SG Tourist Pass on the bus or train gantry reader?
14. Is the SG Tourist Pass refundable?
15. Can I get a full refund of the SG Tourist Pass, including the pass value, if I have not utilised the card within the refund period?
16. Can I get a refund of the remaining value in my SG Tourist Pass after I leave Singapore?
17. Can I keep the SG Tourist Pass as a souvenir?
18. Is there a number that I can call for enquiries or feedback relating to the SG Tourist Pass?
19. What happens when the unlimited pass expires?