1. What is the Singapore Tourist Pass?
2. How does the Singapore Tourist Pass look like?
3. Who is eligible to purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass? How do I purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass?
4. Where can I get my rental deposit refund for the Singapore Tourist Pass?
5. How much is the Singapore Tourist Pass?
6. Can I refund the Pass after 7 days upon purchasing?
7. Can I get a full refund of the Pass including the Pass value and rental deposit if I have not utilized the card within the refund period?
8. What happens when my Pass expires?
9. What happens when I tap an expired Singapore Tourist Pass on the bus or train reader?
10. What is the difference between the Singapore Tourist Pass and the normal ez-link card?
11. How much can I save using the Singapore Tourist Pass?
12. How do I use my pass while taking the bus?
13. How do I use my pass while taking the train?
14. What is the duration of the pass? How is the 5 days window for refund calculated?
15. What are the operating hours of the bus and train services in Singapore?
16. Is there any value on the Singapore Tourist Pass upon purchase?
17. My Singapore Tourist Pass is still valid but I have also topped up value to the ez-link purse on the card. How can I ensure that monies are not being deducted from the ez-link purse instead of my Singapore Tourist Pass for my travel?
18. Can I keep the Singapore Tourist Pass as a souvenir?
19. Are there any package deals for families buying the Singapore Tourist Pass?
20. Are there any concessionary rates for children and senior citizens?
21. Is there a number to call should I require more information on tourist attractions?
22. Is there a number that I can call for enquiries or feedback relating to the Singapore Tourist Pass?